Gary DickelmanGary Dickelman is a thought leader in imagining, creating, implementing, and sustaining performance-centered solutions.  He believes that performance happens when process, knowledge, and user experience are in balance, turning baseline know-how into expert agility.  He believes that knowledge must be accessible, actionable, and current in the environs of work. To realize the vision, he has, since the 1980s, continuously synthesized best practices in process-, knowledge-, and human factors engineering, creating methods and tools for producing performance-centered solutions.

Solutions to what, you ask? To the obvious mission-critical performance issues that all organizations face, such as:

  • implementing new enterprise technology smoothly, without disrupting existing revenue streams and processes;
  • providing the means to create, maintain, and effectively execute contingency plans – like continuity of operations, emergency response, and disease containment;
  • supporting developing nations with tools, methods, and knowledge that are usable and accessible here-and-now, to foster sustainment; and
  • standing up actionable libraries of end-to-end policies, processes, procedures, and work instructions – to meet stringent compliance requirements while fostering organizational performance and efficiency.

In the course of creating performance-centered methods and solutions, Dickelman has designed, supported and developed analysis techniques for human-computer interactions and technologies to embed performance-centered solutions into the work environment. These have been applied across corporations, government agencies, and the department of defense, most recently to the US Air Force’s centralized Integrated Emergency Management Planning Tool (IEMP10-2) that has been deployed for global application.

Mr. Dickelman was an officer in the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, where he served under Admiral Hyman Rickover. He has written numerous articles, has contributed to several books on instructional technology, online learning, performance support, career development, and performance management. Gary served as author/editor of ISPI’s compendium EPSS Revisited (2003), and served as guest editor of the Performance Improvement journal.  He held adjunct faculty positions for graduate programs in Instruction and Performance Technologies at George Mason University and Boise State University. He is the principal (owner, CEO, President) of epsscentral llc, which you can learn about from the link above.

When not engaged in performance-centered things, Mr. Dickelman plays tuba, percussion, sings in choirs, and arranges music for brass and percussion ensembles. And he plays with his cats.